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At Clean Commodities Corp. we understand the importance of lithium exploration and advancing lithium deposits, it's our passion and our business. 

We recognize that exploration should be focused on commodities with demand growth, which is why we commit our time and resources to pursuing clean commodity resources, particularly lithium, as well as uranium through our partnership with Areva. We believe that resource use patterns change over time and that the type of commodities consumed in the 20th century power and transportation (e.g. coal, oil) will not reflect the types of commodities consumed in the 21st century.

The team at Clean Commodities Corp. is also technology, science and research-focused. We extensively use GIS, satellite imagery and other computing technologies to prioritize and source our exploration projects. That edge speaks for itself with our diversified project base among the most important clean commodity discoveries in Canada. With our field exploration, we leverage the most technology-advanced equipment to maximize exploration potential


In this area of our website you will find more information about our senior leadership team and opportunities to join our company.