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Torp Lake Lithium Deposit


  • 6.0 m grading 4.5% Li2O

  • 7.0 m grading 3.3% Li2O

The Torp Lake Project covers 1,003 ha and is located only 35km from tidewater in the north Slave region of Nunavut. The Torp Lake Project hosts the McAvoy lithium-rich pegmatite.

Past channel sampling work on this spodumene bearing pegmatite has returned 6.0 m grading 4.5% Li2O and 7.0 m grading 3.3% Li2O. The channels were located 78 m apart and orientated perpendicular to the north-south strike of the pegmatite.

Lithium is contained in the mineral spodumene, high concentrations of which are observable within the McAvoy pegmatite over a 110m strike length with widths of 10m to 15m. Testing the down dip and additional along-strike potential of the McAvoy pegmatite will require a program of ground geophysics and drilling. Mineralogical analysis, completed by SGS Canada Inc., of a composite sample indicated excellent liberation of spodumene (99%) and microprobe analysis confirmed the spodumene is exceptionally pure and clean of major elements, particularly iron and manganese.

The McAvoy pegmatite is a potential source of premium-priced rare technical grade spodumene.

Labrador Trough Nickel-Cobalt-PGM Project


  • Acquired in mid-2016, our large district-scale Cobalt-PGM-Copper Labrador Trough exploration project consists of more than 57,000 ha (~141,000 acres) and covers favourable magnetics, lithologies, and under-explored terrain​.


  • Lab results of the inaugural soil/till sampling campaign from the eastern-half of the Labrador Trough Project indicate that several clustered and prospective targets areas are present within the project. A map set of the soil/till sampling results may be viewed by clicking here. Individual maps are available for the copper (up to 220ppm), nickel (up to 247ppm), cobalt (up to 60ppm), and PGE (up to 29ppm) assay results

  • The project is in good-standing through mid-2018, with completed field work expected to extend core project areas through 2020 and beyond. 

Full Size Project Map

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project map.

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Labrador Trough Project

Labrador Trough Project

Semi-Massive Sulphide Bearing Boulder Located Within our Labrador Trough Project in 2016

Sulphide Globule Bearing Gabbro Boulder Located Within our Labrador Trough Project in 2016

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Acquired in mid-2016, our Labrador Trough Project covers more than 57,000 ha of prospective mineral exploration tenure and represents the largest mineral tenure holding in the immediate area. As a result of the project size, exploration focus areas have been divided into the Labrador Trough Project - Western Half and the Labrador Trough Project - Eastern Half.

Labrador Trough Project - Western Half

The western half of our project is adjacent to the Huckleberry Project being advanced by Northern Shield Resources Inc. (“Northern Shield”), who in turn have partnered their project with South32 as part of a $5M earn-in agreement.​

Based on field-exploration to-date, Clean Commodities Corp. has reported the discovery of similar mafic to ultramafic lithologies to that reported at the adjacent Huckleberry Project, and the the discovery of a semi-massive sulphide bearing boulder (shown above), as well as a sulphide globule bearing gabbro boulder (shown above) within the Project. 


The identification of sulphide globules within a gabbroic rock unit is particularly significant because they are often known to occur in close proximity to massive sulphide occurrences. Importantly, the boulders sampled were sub-angular to angular in nature, thus indicating they are not far travelled from the source. Additional interpretation is required to better ascertain glacial movement within the immediate discovery area, and thus constrain directional sourcing.

The adjacent Huckleberry Project (as shown in the maps above) is being explored by Northern Shield as a large-scale (segregated) magmatic copper target with nickel and PGE credits. Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization has been seen throughout Northern Shield’s Huckleberry Project in a variety of geological settings (see Northern Shield Huckleberry Presentation).

Labrador Trough Project - Eastern Half

The eastern portions of the Labrador Trough Project surround the Séquoi Project of Northern Shield Resources Inc.  


Soil/till samples collected during the fall of 2016 have been processed and the results detailed above in the project highlights section. The results (see map here) indicate that several distinct and prospective Ni-Cu-PGE targets are present in the Eastern Half of the Labrador Trough Project.

For more information and technical disclosures please consult our news releases relating to the Labrador Trough Project. 

Management cautions that past results or discoveries on adjacent properties (i.e. Sequoi, Huckleberry) may not necessarily be indicative to the presence of mineralization on the Company’s properties (i.e. Labrador Trough Project).