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Phoenix Lithium Project


  • Big Bird Lithium Pegmatite - 1,280 m strike length, 1.24% Li2O over 34.3 m

  • Curlew Lithium Pegmatite - 400 m strike length, 1.72% over 14.87 m

The Phoenix Project was acquired by Clean Commodities Corp. from North Arrow Minerals Inc., in 2016 and consists of seven (7) mineral claims, covering 5,629 ha, located in the Northwest Territories. The project is approximately 70km southeast of the producing Diavik Diamond Mine and are less than 60 km from existing winter road infrastructure. The Phoenix Project hosts the Big Bird and Curley lithium-rich pegmatite deposits.


The Big Bird pegmatite has been mapped over a 1,280m strike length with observable outcrop widths ranging from 8m to greater than 80m. Past drilling at the Big Bird pegmatite returned 1.24% Li2O over 34.3m.


The Curlew pegmatite has been mapped over a strike length of 400m with widths up to 20m. Past drilling at the Curlew pegmatite returned 1.72% Li2O over 14.87m.


The significant lithium grades and widths returned from limited drilling of the Big Bird and Curlew pegmatites highlights the potential for the Phoenix claims to also host further large lithium-rich spodumene pegmatites.

East Coast Zeolites


Clean Commodities Corp. Announces Zeolite

Acquisition; East Coast Zeolite Market

Consolidation Strategy

Access the full news release by clicking here.

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - July 07, 2017) - Clean Commodities Corp. 

(TSX VENTURE: CLE) ("Clean Commodities" or the "Corporation" or "CLE") is

very pleased to announce the acquisition of the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project

located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the subsequent announcement of a

zeolite acquisition strategy.

"The Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project represents our inaugural acquisition into a commodity which we believe offers significant growth potential for agricultural and clean-tech opportunities.

We have reviewed the recent domestic incumbents and concluded that their interior-British Columbia market model ignores the practical reality of the historic association of zeolites to aggregate and thus the criticality of focusing on zeolite projects and zeolite deposits close to end-consumers. By engaging a first-mover strategy to secure the east-coast zeolite market, we believe that Clean Commodities Corp. is well-positioned to access a larger population base and superior manufacturing market with unmatched growth attributes.

Furthermore, Nova Scotia's zeolites have historically attracted global attention. As a consolidator within the zeolite market, Clean Commodities Corp. is pleased to commence our zeolite strategy by way of the acquisition of the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project. It is our intention to rapidly scale our zeolite asset base, zeolite exploration and zeolite marketing efforts. Zeolites are well-suited to our platform and offer excellent scale potential. We are very excited to provide further near-term updates as it concerns the potential of our Nova Scotia zeolite project, our broader zeolite exploration plans and our future zeolite acquisition activities," stated Ryan Kalt, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.

About The Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project

The Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project consists of four contiguous mineral claims containing sixteen historic drill holes by C2C Mining Corp. The project area was originally identified by Mr. Ian Booth in the 1990's, prior to emergence of potential new agricultural markets. Historic exploration identified a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) zeolite prospect. Zeolite-infilled amygdule volumes were reported by the past operator.


Interested parties are encouraged to review the applicable, publicly-filed, third-party assessment report made available by the Government of Nova Scotia on the Ogilvie Quarry tenure and accessible by courtesy of the following link: http://ow.ly/AdcR30dqzET

The Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project was acquired by the Corporation through an arm's length exploration services company at a cost equating tenure plus a three percent production royalty.

The Corporation cautions that any historic work or estimates associated with the Ogilvie Quarry tenure should not be relied upon.

Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project Claim Map